Part-2 一件家具 A Piece of Furniture


Describe a piece of furniture in your home.

You should say:
What it is
What material
Who bought it
How you feel about it

I want to talk about a wardrobe in my grandparents’house.When I was young, I lived with grandparents because my parents were busy. In my grandma’s bedroom, there was a big
wardrobe, or at least it seemed big to me then. It was white, with two single doors on the front.

And on one door there was a big mirror attached, which was as tall as the wardrobe itself. My grandma kept her clothes in this wardrobe, but I always managed to find them like a treasure hunter.And when I played hide-and-seek with my cousins, I sometimes would hide in it. Of course, whenever I bought new clothes, I would look myself in that mirror for a long time.

Now the wardrobe is still in my grandparents’ house and when I go to visit them, I would take a good look at it. Even though I am now taller than it, it brings me back to the time when I was a


  • In your country, where do people buy the furniture for their homes?
  • What factorsdo people need to consider when buying furniture for the home?
  • Why do some people like to buy expensive furniture?
  • Do you think the style is important? >What’sthedifference between furniture in the office and furniture at home?