Part-2 微笑场合 Smiling Occasion


Describe an occasion that people were all smiling

You should say:

What it was
When and where it happened
Who participated in this occasion
And explain how you feel about it

This topic reminds me of the time we took class pictures on graduation day. Actually, we all had mixed feelings, on the one hand, we were pretty psyched about graduating from university and getting a diploma, on the other hand, we also felt a little bit sad because we had to say goodbye to all the classmates who we had spent the last four years with.

However, when we took the picture, we still didn’t forget to be funny. I mean, we made faces and posed hilariously to the camera despite the photographer’s objection. He was so pissed off. In the end, he couldn’t stand us anymore, and shouted, couldn’t you guys act like normal people and just smile to the camera?

After we were done having fun, we thought, maybe we should listen to the photographer and take a decent picture together. So we stood still and said cheese when he clicked the shutter. After we got the picture, we were surprised to see that everybody looked great in the picture, I mean, we all had a sweet smile on our face, looking energetic and hopeful.I framed the picture and put it on my bookshelf. It would bring back memories of my college years. Every time I saw those smiling faces I would recall all the precious moments we had together during those four years, and I just couldn’t help cracking a smile.


  • Why people smile
  • Why people smile when they take photos
  • When should people express real feeling
  • Who should people show real feeling to When people should not show real feeling
  • Tell me about express emotion;
  • Why most people not good at expressing feelings;
  • How young people express their feelings.