Part-2 敬佩的商人 Admirable Businessman


Describe a businessman you admire.
You should say:
Who he/she is?
What is his/her business?
What do you know about him or her?
Why do you admire him or her?

What kinds of business are popular in your country?
If you had the opportunity, what kinds of business would you do? What age do people want to retire in your country?
Would young people in your country like to open their own business or find a job?
Would people want to do online business or run a company in reality?

Admirable businessman

The businessman I admire is Steve Jobs, who was a co-founder and the CEO of Apple. I got to know him many years ago on the Internet.

Apple products like iPhone, iPad and MacBook are so popular that it is hard not to know him. He was a successful entrepreneur. He created a culture that attracts so many followers worldwide. It was him who made the ordinary electronic products like computers and phones into cultural icons, fashion items, and even status symbols.

I admire him mainly because of the following reasons: firstly, he has a great business vision. At first, Apple’s main product was computers.

Later, Steve Jobs thought that smartphones would become a big market, so iPhone came into being. Secondly, he was very hardworking. Even when he was really sick, he still worked very hard and travelled around for business meetings. Last but not least, he had great leadership skills. He was very good at inspiring people and giving people motivation to move toward their goals in life.