Part-2 最近购买 Something Recently Bought


Describe something that you just bought recently and like it.
You should say:
What you bought
Where you bought it
What it for/How it is used
Explain why you felt happy about purchasing this product
Have you told anyone that you bought it?

In your country, where do people buy the furniture for their homes?
What factors do people need to consider when buying furniture for the home?
Why do some people like to buy expensive furniture?
Do you think the style is important?
What’s the difference between furniture in the office and furniture at home?

The thing that I recently bought happily was a computer monitor stand. I used my desktop computer a lot in the dorm and I suffered a pain in my neck and shoulders from it. My friend recommended a product to me and sent me the link to it on Taobao. It was very cheap. So I placed an order and a couple of days later I received it.

When I opened the package, I was surprised that there were just some boards and a bag of rubber rings in it. How could I put my monitor on them? But later I found a tutorial at the bottom of the package box. I followed the tutorial, put the board together and fasten them with the rubber rings. When I finished, it looked so different. It is like a little shelf.

I put my computer monitor on top of it. So, my screen was now on the same level of my eyes, and there was no need to lower my head and bend my back anymore. And I have some additional drawers and shelves now where I put some books. I am really happy with it.


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