Part-2 一件家具 A Piece of Furniture


Describe a piece of furniture in your home.
What it is What material
Who bought it
How you feel about it

In your country, where do people buy the furniture for their homes?
What factors do people need to consider when buying furniture for the home?
Why do some people like to buy expensive furniture?
Do you think the style is important?
What’s the difference between furniture in the office and furniture at home?

I want to talk about a wardrobe in my grandparents’ house. When I was young, I lived with grandparents because my parents were busy. In my grandma’s bedroom, there was a big wardrobe, or at least it seemed big to me then. It was white, with two single doors on the front.

And on one aoor, mere was a uig mirror attached, which was as tall as the wardrobe itself. My grandma kept her clothes in this wardrobe, but I always managed to find them like a treasure hunter. And when I played hide-and-seek with my cousins, I sometimes would hide myself in it. Of course, whenever I bought new clothes, I would look myself in that mirror for a long time.

Now the wardrobe is still in my grandparents’ house and when I go to visit them, I would take a good look at it. Even though I am now taller than it, it brings me back to the time when I was a kid.