Part-1 首饰 Jewellry

雅思口语 IELTS Speaking Topic: Part-1 首饰 Jewellry

Do you like jewellery?

I’m fond of collecting jewellery, but I rarely wear most of the pieces I own.I purchase jewellery on every trip as sentimental souvenirs

What kind of jewellery do you wear the most?

i have no preference for any kind of jewellery, but. i have a long gold chain with a diamond cross on it that belonged to my grandmother that I’ve only taken off about 5 times since it was given to me.

Why some people like to wear jewelry?

Today, people wear jewelry to express themselves. These days, everything in fashion is about being oneself, or about projecting one’s personality. Jewelry is not exempt from this trend / motto. This is why there are eye-catching statement rings; and why reputable jewelry retailers accept custom-made orders.

Have you bought any jewelry?

yes, I’m fond of collecting jewellery. I bought beautiful Venetian glass bead necklaces and bracelets on a trip to Italy when I was thirteen.I then began purchasing jewellery on every trip as sentimental souvenirs. I also buy jewellery as gifts rather than picking up tee shirts or other items from tacky tourist shops.

Do you wear many jewels?

I don’t wear too much jewellery but I wear studs and small hoops in my ears everyday and sometimes I wear small necklace

Have you ever sent someone jewels?

yes, but only once,it is a purity ring on a silver chain and the giftee is my girlfriend.i bought it for her first birthday since we met.


Ornaments made out of precious stones and metal are called as Jewellery. There are different kinds of Jewellery such as Traditional, Fancy and Imitation Jewellery. Especially females are fascinated of jewellery. Jewellery enhances aesthetics of the person. People wear Traditional Jewellery especially on some auspicious occasions or festivities such as marriages. Imitation jewellery is available for all range of people to wear it regularly or on some occasions. Now a days paper jewellery is also available. The latest trend of jewellery is antiques.

Jewellery is the safest way of investment. We can get money across the table using jewellery, whenever needed. Jewellery has an influence on stock market also. There are different kinds of precious stones used to embed in jewellery such as Jade, Diamond , Sapphire, Agate, Cats-eye, Coral Pearl and so on. Gold, Silver and Platinum are precious metals. Of them, gold has highest demand. Gold purity is defined in terms of carats. The carat indicates the amount of impurities added to the gold. Pure gold or Sovereign gold is 99.9% pure and is malleable.

Different kinds of jewellery can be made out of gold such as, Girdle, Armlet, Trinkets, Anklets, Toe-rings and so on. Usually jewelers bilk money from customers in this business. It is a multimillion dollar business and has high profits. On the flip side, it is difficult to protect jewellery. Anti-social activities takes place to acquire gold. People stoop down to any level to acquire gold. Also, in few places weapons are bartered against gold.

Though it is a pinch on the pocket to buy jewellery, more people attract towards jewellery and feel it as a status symbol.


These are the names of the ornaments which we use/wore regularly

1. Girdle – A belt or cord worn around the waist

2. Armlet – A band or bracelet worn around the upper part of a person’s arm

3. Trinkets – A small ornament or item of jewelry that is of little value

4. Anklets – An ornament worn around an ankle

5. Toe-rings – Ring made out of various metals and non-metals worn on any of the toes