Part-1 唱歌 Sing

雅思口语 IELTS Speaking Topic: Part-1 唱歌 Sing

Do you like singing?

Yes, I do. For me, singing is a good way to relax. And I like to learn a foreign language by singing songs in that language. It’s been a big help when I learn English.


Where do you usually sing?

I usually sing in the bath room. Yeah, that’s true. I just can’t help singing when I am taking a shower. I also go to KTV with friends,it’s about sharing and showing music. But singing in the bath room is about please me, just myself. So, you know, bath room is my top 1 place to sing.


Have you ever learnt how to sing?

No ,I’ve never learned to sing. I just sing a song as I like. Well, sometimes, I will imitate a singer’s way of singing a certain song, because it will make me feel proud of myself if I can sing the song like the singer.


Do Chinese love singing?

No one can say it for sure that every single Chinese is fond of singing. But considering the facts that singing competition programs that singing competition programs are popular in China, I guess most Chinese people are keen on singing.


Why do some people dislike singing?

Singing is like any other activities, it’s normal that some like it while some dislike it. People who don’t like singing have any reason to dislike it. Maybe because they are not good at singing, maybe they hate to hear their own voice, or maybe just because they are dumped by someone who happens to be a singer, so they hate singing.