Part-1 室内游戏 Indoor Game

雅思口语 IELTS Speaking Topic: Part-1 Indoor Games

Do you play any indoor games?

Yes. I always play indoor games with my close friends, such as poker, Mahjong, Five in a row or Monopoly.

Do you prefer to play indoor games or outdoor games?

I feel that indoor games are much better than outdoor games. Indoor games such as chess can increase your strategical power of your mind. And they are safer than outdoor games. You know, outdoor game may cause severe injury. You may get hurt to ankles and may sometimes get muscle strains.

What indoor games did you play when you were a child?

When I was a little girl, most afternoons I used to play hopscotch with my friends in our neighborhood. We drew grids on the sidewalk or on the ground. Then we hopped into each square, from one end of the grid to the other.

Is there any particular indoor game that you liked (when you were a child)?

Hide and seek! I really loved it when I was little. It’s really exciting to find someone who is hiding and surprise them, and it’s equally fun to hide from the searcher without being found.

What sorts of indoor games do children play now?

Some children love to play simple and traditional games, like chess games and card games. But as more online games and phone games come out, a wider range of children become addicted to those electronic games.