Part-1 名人 Celebrity

雅思口语 IELTS Speaking Topic: Part-1 名人 Celebrity

Who is your favorite celebrity in China?

My favorite celebrity is Jay Chou who is an outstanding singer and also an actor in China.I was attracted by his special style of singing when I was in primary school. His songs are unique and he has opened up a new era of music.

Do you like any foreign celebrities?

Yes,I do.My favorite foreign celebrity is Robert Downey Jr,who is the leading role in the movie .He is Very handsome and his smile is captivating.

Would you want to be a celebrity in the future?

No,I would not be a celebrity in the future.Though celebrities can earn much money and adored by so many fans, their privacy cannot be protect well, and they also need to bear the pressure of public opinion and negative news.

Do you think we should protect famous people’s privacy?

Of course,we should protect their privacy. Famous people have borne too much pressure of public opinion,and they also need personal life space. Being a celebrity is just a choice of their occupation, they also need privacy and the life of common people.

How do celebrities influence their fans in China?

They influence their fans in different ways,such as the preference of choosing clothes or hair styles. Some fans even buy the commodities that represented by their idols whether they need or not.