Part-1 访客 Visitors

IELTS Speaking topic: 访客 Visitors

Do you often invite friends to visit your home?

Nope. / Not really. I’m always swamped with my study/work, without much leisure time to do so.

B) Yes, all the time. I’m a pretty sociable kind of person and I love to entertain, so I often invite friends around for dinner at the weekend.

Do you like visitors coming to your home?

Yes, as a hospitable person, I would very much like to receive visitors to share our stories, make cuisines, and add some spice to my monotonous life.

Do people often visit you at your home?

Not really. As a student who spends most of the time at school, I don’t suppose people will visit me frequently at my home. Also, my home is sort of far away from downtown, so very few bothers to do so.

When do visitors come to your home?

Mostly in festivals and sometimes at weekends. During festivals, my relatives, such as my cousins, brother-in-law, even distant relatives that I don’t know how to call pay a visit to my home. Occasionally at weekends, my parents’ colleagues may visit.

Do you prefer to have friends visit you or relatives?

I prefer the former, because most of my friends are my peers who share similar interest with me and therefore I don’t get a sense of inhibition. /I prefer the latter, because as you are aware, blood is thicker than water, and I have an in-born affinity with them. Besides, most of my relatives live in cities like, Beijing, Shanghai, even New York. Their visits, therefore, strengthen our family bond.

B) Friends, definitely! You can choose your friends after all – but you can’t choose your family! My friends know exactly what to expect when they come for dinner. They always bring a bottle of wine or a dessert or something – they make some kind of contribution to the meal – and they know that I’ll make an effort to put on a good spread, even if it’s just something simple like a barbecue. Family gatherings are usually much more stressful!

What do you usually do together with your visitors?

Cooking is what we do most frequently. Most of my friends and relatives are fastidious gourmets, so we study how to make healthy and delicate dishes. Sometimes, we play mahjong while listening to music. We really have a blast together.

Well, we like to get together over dinner and just enjoy chatting over a long, lazy meal. After dinner we sit around and have a few drinks, maybe listen to some music. Depending on which friends are visiting, we might play a game like mahjong.

How do you usually show your hospitality?

At the sight of visitors, I always wear a sincere smile. Then I quickly offer them seats and serve the best tea or spirits and snacks at my home. I ask whether the visitor needs this or that when he or she feel inhibited.

When someone visits you, how do you usually show hospitality?

As I said, it’s mostly about the meal. I like to take my time and try to make something really special when I have people around for dinner. I try to make sure that my guests always feel welcome – and even though they usually offer, I’m happy to leave the washing up until the next day!