Part-1 体育 Sports

雅思口语 IELTS Speaking Topic: Part-1 体育 Sports

What is your favorite sport?

My favourite sport is basketball. I’ve been playing it regularly for nearly eight years.and I’m crazy about it .Basketball can be played by yourself or with other players. And it just needs a basketball stand and a ball,so It’s a very convenient game to play. In addition, It’s a world­wide sport;many people play. It’s also an easy way to make friends in playing basketball.

Do you think sports help people to relax?

People release their pressure when doing sports. They can communicate with others in sports,It’s fantastic to find a person who shares same interest like you.

What are the common ways for the Chinese people to keep fit?

Well,in our country people of different ages have different ways to keep fit,Most elderly people like to do Taijiquan or perform Swordplay in the morning,and do a slow dance in the evening. But young people like to run on the treadmill or do other indoor sports which are in­troduced from western countries in fitness centers.

What do you do to keep fit?

I go to the gym twice a week. I don’t really enjoy it, to be honest, but it’s an easy way to keep fit. I mainly do cardiovascular exercises, rather than muscle building.

B)I like jogging, coz it is not hard for me to find a place to do this sport, you know.You can run along the road or in a park.And there’s no need to pay.

Are you good at sport?
Not really, but I try my best. I prefer individual sports to team sports because if I do badly in a team game I always feel I’m letting everyone down.

What sports do you play? or What outdoor activities do you like to do?

I go kite-surfing sometimes. I enjoy it because it’s so exhilarating. I can’t go often, though, because there’s rarely enough wind where I live. I might take up another water sport instead.

B)Well, lots of ‘em: trekking,cycling, rafting, camping, etc.I don’t stick to a particular type of ourdoor sport actually.I think each gives me a different feeling.

How important are sports in your life?

Sports are a very significant part of my life. Actually. I always spent at least two hours on sports everyday. I think sports can make us relax.keep us active and fit. You can meet new people when you play sports outside and have fun. For me*I wouldn’t be able to live without sports. I couldn’t imagine a world without sports!

How much time do you spend exercising?

Probably five or six hours a week. I know that will not make the Olympics at that rate,but then again sports is not my field.

Do you like to exercise daily?

No,I don’t. I’m awfully lazy. I know that I need to change this habit or I’m afraid it is going to come back and bite me in the butt.

Are there any good ways to lose weight?

Mentioning how to lose weight,I think the first and most effective way that jumps into my mind is doing regular exercise. Another good way I can think of is being on diet* but definitely not crash diet. It would be really pathetic for someone to be on crash diet of only tap water just for losing weight! And eating weight-losing medicine would be more miserable thing to do!

What benefits do you think can doing sports bring us?

Doing sports can keep us active.It helps improve our breaths and the functions of our heart and lungs. And if you do aerobic exercises regularly, I mean,like jogging, swimming, rope jumping, etc, you’ll find it easy to keep fit as these sports are quite effective in fat burning

What is the most popular sport in your country? or What outdoor activities are the most popular in your country?
范例1:I’d say the most popular sport is football, as in most countries. Most people have a favorite team who they support through thick and thin. The teams are often English ones, and Manchester United is the most well-know.
范例2:Well, I would say hill walking.Actually, people can release their stress and get close to Mother Nature.So, it is a good way to enjoy both some beautiful views and a little exercise.

Are there any sports facilities near where you live?
Yes. Actually I live on campus, so all the university sports facilities are within reach, like the student gym and the swimming pool.

Would you let your children play sport?
Definitely yes.I believe doing sports could improve their growth and development.And I’d play with ’em and we’d be happy together.

Do you think it is reasonable that sports stars earn a lot of money?

Many sportsmen have achieved great amount of wealth. As far as I am concerned, this phe­nomenon is not excessive or extreme because only those who have deeply devoted them­selves and made great efforts to their career can get the acknowledgement and being suppor­ted with wealth.

Do you believe that the sports a person likes could reflect his personality?

Yes, I think so. People who like participating in games are more competitive in personality. Some people like team sports. such as basketball. football,which require team spirit among team members. So people of this type are more cooperative in teamwork.