Part-2 首尝美食 Food


IELTS Speaking Part 2-316: IELTS Cue Card with Model Answer.

Describe a food you first time to eat.


You should say:

  • What the food was
  • When you ate it
  • Why you want to ate it

And explain how you felt about it after you ate.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

你有2分钟时间回答PART 2,在回答之前,你有1分钟的准备时间,准备时你可以写笔记。

Model Answer 1:

Well, a food that I ate for the first time was Japanese Bento.

Last summer holiday, I went to a Japanese restaurant named Tsunami in Shanghai. I went there with my family before my sister studied abroad. The restaurant was just a block away from the hotel where I lived. Shanghai food guide identified this restaurant as one of the authentic Japanese cuisines. Due to the fame of the guide, we had to book a table in one month advance before we arrived in Shanghai.

On that day, the special offer was bent in the restaurant. You know, I have tried some Japanese dishes before, but that was the first time I ate Japanese bento. So I decided to order this set as dinner. There are 15 small dishes within the whole set. It consisted of 5 different kinds of sashimi, 5 plates of sushi, and 2 vegetables with 3 kinds of sauces.

Having 15 species dishes at the same time made me feel awesome. All dishes within this bento were well-organized, especially the sauces. The food guide mentioned that their ingredients of the bento were imported from Japan. The food was so fresh and tasty.

Until now, I still remember the taste of the food. The restaurant is worth queuing for one month.