People living in big cities face problems; government should encourage people to move to small towns. What are these problems? Do you agree government should encourage people to move to small towns?


People who want a modern life style, with a focus on luxury, convenience and accessibility, will choose city life. Advanced technological appliances to better job opportunities, better wages and extensive product ranges are some of the attractions of city life. But nowadays people living in big cities face a variety of issues. Some citizens advocate that government should encourage people to move to small towns as population density in cities increases, it leads to overcrowding.

In 2007 the United Nations estimated the total world population at 6.6 billion and predicted a rise of over 37 percent by 2050. Besides, more than half of the 6.6 billion were living in urban areas. Roughly 80 percent of the U S. population, for example, lives in urban areas. This happens because the demand for housing is more than the supply of housing.

Moreover, increased movement of people from rural to urban areas puts a strain on the city’s infrastructure. As more people join the commuter rush each day. roads and freeways become crowded. New construction adds to the chaos as it struggles to keep up with demand. Ambulances and emergency vehicles sometimes find it hard to navigate the bumper-to-bumper traffic during rush hours. This can put seriously ill or injured people’s lives at risk.

However, from the point of my view, cities have many benefits over villages for them. As a matter of fact, children growing up in small towns do not have as much access to education as children in cities. What’s more, villages may not have enough children to create a school that goes all the way through high school. Cities on the other hand have multiple forms of education such as colleges and universities. Libraries and museums are available in cities. Meanwhile, entertainment is readily accessible in cities in the form of movie theaters, amusement parks and restaurants. More importantly, living in the city provides people with thousands of career choices.

Encouraging people to move to small towns is totally an unwise suggestion. Governments can further encourage the trend by funding education projects and ways to inform the populace about the costs of raising more than a set number of children. By using the carrot instead of the stick, people will be more inclined to choose to have smaller families.


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