Some people think governments should introduce laws assessing what nutrition and food choices to improve public health. Others think it is wrong. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


Food is the paramount necessity of people. However, in recent years, we are appalled by the frequent outbreak of such incidents as milk powder adulterated with melamine, lean meat powder and a spate of food contamination cases. In response, a growing number of people call for the government to take decisive actions to tackle food safety hazards by introducing laws assessing food nutrition.

People in favor of such practice believe that customers have the right to find out everything about the food to make sure that what they eat is safe. If this information is transparent, then customers can feel free to choose the food they like without worrying that this food can be harmful to their health. Besides, by keeping the information about the nutrition of food transparent, it can also discourage food producers from behaving irresponsibly for the food they make since it puts them under the scrutiny of customers. By this means, food producers will be more careful about the materials they add into the food.

Nevertheless, some people hold opposite views, believing that releasing such laws fails to solve the food safety issues at its core. They maintain that this law can only result in food producers fabricating their nutrition labels instead of truly reflecting ingredients in their food. What’s worse, this cosmetic work can lead to the dereliction of duty by government officials since they may loosen their monitoring on the food with such nutrition labels.

In my opinion, it is necessary to issue laws assessing food nutrition since they can hold food producers accountable for what they make by putting them under the scrutiny of customers. However, releasing the law does not mean that law enforcement officials can sit back and relax. Without those people’s efforts, laws can only be a piece of paper, having no actual effect. Therefore, it takes both the law and people’s action in implementing the law to deliver tangible results in our efforts to ensure food safety.


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