Some people say that advertising is good for the economy, while others claim that it has a negative influence on the self-image of consumers. Discuss both sides and provide our own opinion.


Advertising is all around us no matter you like it or not. Some people say that advertising is beneficial to economic development while others are worried about its negative on people’s self-image. This essay shall examine some of the arguments for and against advertising and then present my own opinion.

Undeniably, advertising serves market well, thanks to radio, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, and particularly television as a dominating feature. Through these media outlets, advertising gives people a chance as consumers. People like to be told about new products and services that improve their lives. In fact, economy is at its best when the advertising industry is booming. Imagine that if people were starving and freezing, there would be no advertising whatever to sell food and fuel. At this point, advertising is like holding a mirror to an affluent society functioning in a virtuous circle benefiting many sectors. Logically, more advertising means more money to all media outlets, which in turn pushes production and creates more jobs, and therefore more buying power.

Some people, on the other hand, argue that the emphasis that advertising industries puts on body image is affecting teenagers in a negative way by making them feel insecure about their own bodies and giving them false images of unrealistic body types that teenagers assume they must achieve in order to be accepted by society. For example, teenagers today are faced with pressure to conform to a specific body type that media expect us to obtain. This increasing pressure causes young people to have a distorted idea of body image and many men and women are becoming emaciated in order to look like what is acceptable.

To conclude, advertising is a vital part of our life and its effects can be both negative and positive. I think if there is proper control on it and that consumers do not follow the so-called fashion preached by the advertising blindly, they can benefit more from



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