News is playing vital rules in our life today and people are getting much influenced by the news now. Some people say that news has no connection with most people’s life and it is a waste of time for most of us to read newspapers and watch television news program. Do you agree or disagree?


It is true that our lives have changed significantly due to popularity of news media. However, I do not agree that we need to watch television news program or reading newspaper every day.

Nowadays news is locked in an eternal struggle for eyeballs at all costs. It seems to report everything around us but actually it is almost entirely focused on breaking news, which means giving viewers lots of reports about incidents of inner-city violence, for instance, but nothing about why such violence occurs. There’s no big-picture reporting to be found. So the connection between news and the reader is not so closed.

Take local TV news as an example. It consists of a steady diet of crime coverage, shots of building fires from the station’s helicopter, mostly hysterical weather forecasts and cheerleading sports coverage. Mostly missing is coverage of city government (unless there’s a scandal), education (unless there’s crime involved), labor issues (unless there’s a strike) and so on. Cable news, meanwhile, serves mostly as a headline service when it’s not focusing relentlessly and endlessly on whatever the big breaking news story of the moment happens to be.

Moreover, many of the international news are nothing but government propaganda aiming to deceive the international community for political reasons, for the freedom of press is denied in many nations. Therefore, valuable news hides in the shadows while reports on newspapers or even online news change nothing to our ideas about the world.

I don’t mean to sound like a Scrooge, but when TV news staffs are being slashed, every cute-baby segment, every chopper shot of an abandoned warehouse fire, represents time and resources that could have been better spent on more substantive reporting. As long as worthy events are not reported with a fair degree of accuracy, reading or watch news is, to some extent, a waste of time.


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