Nowadays consumers are faced with the advertisements from competitive companies. To what extent do you agree that consumers are influenced by advertisements? What measures should be taken to protect them?


The effect that advertising has on our society may be subtle, and most of us remain unaware of how it moulds us to meet the needs of competing companies. Actually, a large number of advertisements may be harmful to consumers and therefore should be better controlled in the mass media.

The negative influences of advertising from competing companies on consumers are beyond doubt. It is easy to change people’s need into greed. In fact, advertisements from different companies constantly encourage people to want diverse things. Thus, surrounded by the advertisements, people are too unwise to perform a balanced act between income and expenditure. In other words, many consumers are convinced to overdraw the money they do not have. As a result, what seems to be good for the economy begins to backfire because advertising from competing companies may mislead consumers deeply into credit card debts which they could not afford to pay before the deadline.

Accordingly, some proactive methods are suggested to be applied. Firstly, the government should take serious actions to counteract the negative effects of the advisements from competing companies. One effective approach is to establish and impose a strict censorship aiming advertising on mass media. Also, the local TV station and Internet website should increase the costs of these advertisements to be shown or published through the public media. In this way, the current enormous qualities can be reduced and minimize their negative impacts.

In summary, the drawbacks of advertising on customers may motivate people’s greed and add huge financial burdens. Consequently, various actions should be taken by the government, TV station and website managers to reduce these negative impacts and protect the rights of consumers.


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