We are surrounded by all kinds of advertising, which is significantly influencing our lives. Do the positive effects of advertising outweigh its negative effects?


Advertising in modern society is ubiquitous – on the radio, TV, the internet and in our letterboxes. While some advertisements make false claims, the positive influence of advertising is much more than the negative. A number of arguments surround my opinion.

It is true that advertising provides us with information on new products. If it were not for electronic and print advertising, many products would not be bought. In this way, advertising provides an important service to manufacturers and some consumers. Additionally, it fuels the advertising industry, creating jobs for thousands of people. In this respect it has the backbone of many economies of the world.

Furthermore, advertisements touch social issues. For example, when Amitabh Bachhan tells people to bring their children for pulse polio immunization, people listen. Then there are ads against female feticide which are very informative. Advertisements also teach a lot about the country from where the ads come. This is because through satellite TV we can see ads from all over the world. When we see a Japanese advert of a lady in a kimono, we come to know about the clothes of Japan.

However, Adverts also have a downside. There are many advertisements which make many false claims about their products. For example, I recently bought a floor cleaner which claimed to remove rust stains from floor effortlessly but when I used it in my kitchen, the rust stains did not go at all. It also goes without saying that when businesses hire celebs to endorse their products then definitely they have to pay them exorbitant amounts of money and all this increases the cost of the product. However, the onus is on the people to take everything what the ads say with a pinch of salt and discuss about the product with friends and relatives before actually buying it.

On balance, I believe that as every rose is accompanied by thorns, ads too have their demerits. Overall, the adverts have many more advantages than disadvantages.


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