If a products is good enough or it meets people needs, people will buy it.therefore,advertising is unnecessary and no more than an entertainment, what is your opinion?


A recent opinion claims that there would be no need of advertisement if the products are good enough in quality for people who are planning to buy them. Personally, however, I don’t agree with this viewpoint.

To begin with, the opinion is only reasonable based on one assumption that advertising enables the inferior products to be acceptable for the consumers. This assumption is not true according to me. Advertisers do not usually forge an advertisement to meet the public appetite. In terms of the reputation of each relevant shareholder in should be honest.

Secondly, products with top quality require advertising. In the contemporary society, various products dazzled people’s eyes. Therefore, consumers only pay attention to the products that they once seen on the screen or have been heard from someone. This is how advertising works. For instance, a washing powder company used all their money including the money for advertisement in achieving top quality. However, people seldom know the brand which means a good line of washing powder were buried in advertised goods. This case indicates that advertising is essential in either top-quality-goods or lower-quality-goods.

In addition,advertisement is benefit for guaranteed quality of producers. Once the advertisement put a specific brand in public sight, the brand begins its examination from the public, which is a positive push for the further development of the products.

In conclusion, advertising is necessary for publicity and quality improvement so that it is widely utilized business.


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