News media are important in modern society. Why are they important? And are their influences generally positive or negative?


In today’s world, we are surrounded by various news media, which have become an essential part of our daily life. I believe the news media mainly play two major roles in modern society, providing information and influencing decision, and the influences are generally positive.

Obviously, news media are important to individuals and companies.For one thing, thanks to journalists’ diligent work, people can get sufficient information and be more involved in social affairs than ever before. For example, when natural disasters happen, news media can convey the first-hand message to the public, and then the general public can donate for the victims immediately.

For another, by paying close attention to the information posted on news media, companies, especially those listed on the stock exchange, can adjust their operation modes, and investment strategies to enlarge their assets and enrich their investors.

Admittedly, the news from news media might be presented in certain ways, giving people limited facts but not the whole story. This is somewhat inevitable,because journalists, the editors and owners of the news media have their own opinions or even bias.  Actually, people check news reports from different sources instead of using one source only to avoid the and this is the reason why we can claim that the negative influences of news media can minimized or even avoided.

To sum up,news media provide the factual information, giving individuals and companies the chance to make better decisions and take better actions. Therefore, despite the fact that the news media may report events incorrectly or with bias, do believe the general influences are positive.


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