Due to the new technologies and the Internet, radio is going to disappear in a few years. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Give your own opinion.


In our fast developing world, there are a lot of new technologies that are being used more often than the old-fashioned ones. Not so long ago, radio that was the main information and communication source has been replaced by television, cellular phones and the Internet. It is claimed that the radio will disappear in the closest future. I strongly disagree with this statement.

Like the printing press before them, radio has revolutionized mass communication. The proliferation of this modem mass media meant that a signal could be sent out to anyone within broadcast range who possessed the equipment to pick it up.

Radio offers advertisers flexibility Of all media, radio has the shortest closing period. This flexibility allows advertisers to adjust to local market conditions, current news events, and even weather. A case in point, a local hardware store can quickly implement a snow shovel promotion the morning after a snowstorm. Radio’s flexibility is also evident in its willingness to participate in promotional tie-ins such as store openings races.

On the contrary, televisions and the Internet are widely spread and use the visual channel. While watching on TV screens, light reflects off the page and into your eyes naturally, the device projects light into your eyes, causing headaches and possible long term damage to your eyesight. The Internet, likewise, uses visual pictures to pass information but in order to get the precise amount of it a deeper exploring must be made and this can take a lot of time, it still has an overall negative effect.

To sum up, there are still a lot of positive features of the radio. Although it is observed that radio is becoming less popular when compared to television and the Internet, the claim that the radio will fade away within a couple of years is not true. Frankly, radio’s low cost and high reach of selected target groups make it an excellent supporting medium.


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