Nowadays, it seems that people tend to waste a great amount of food. Why do you think this is happening? And how can we solve this problem?


Food waste is a big problem in industrialized countries. In the UK for example, people throw away 6.7 million tonnes of food each year. Most of this ends up in landfill sites, which not only contributes to environment problems but also causes a huge amount of money waste. There are several reasons for this trend which I intend to discuss in this essay in hope of suggesting appropriate measures to overcome this negative trend.

There are numerous causes of food waste but I think it is generally caused by inappropriate ordering and incorrect projections of demand for food products in the distribution stage. That results in enormous quantities of merchandise which are not sold before the expiration date and/or natural deterioration (which is mainly a concern for fruits and vegetables). Other causes at this stage include limits of the technology used to conserve products, as well as damage to the product and food packaging during transportation and storage.

Much food waste also occurs in the consumption stage, both in households at in restaurants/food service establishments. There are two main causes of avoidable household waste – one is too much food is cooked, prepared and served and the other is not consuming food in time. In restaurants/food service establishments, one of the main causes of waste are the excessive size of food portions served.

The solutions are not simple but I believe people can manage to reduce food waste by taking immediate actions. First of all. consumers need to be educated about how to purchase, preserve, prepare, and ultimately dispose of food on a more sustainable basis. Secondly, there can be strict punishment against food waste in the restaurants so that wasteful people would have to stop wasting any food.

To sum up, food waste casts a worrisome shadow over the model of growth that has governed the global economy for the past fifty years – a model that is totally unsustainable.


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