When designing a building, it is more important for a building to serve a purpose than to look beautiful. So the most important thing to take into account is the intended use of the building rather than its outward appearance. However many architects don’t worry about producing a building as a work of art then; which one is more importance: the function or the appearance for a building.


The rapid economic, technological and societal advancement in the latest decades has brought scores of new buildings across the world at a spectacular rate. For many artists, architecture is more than providing a shelter for people. Besides, they value it as an aesthetic design. However, some pragmatists criticize the view of some artists. saying the intended use is the priority when designing a building. From my perspective, I share my view with the pragmatists.

It is no denying that the function overrides the appearance when it comes to the architecture design, since the fundamental goal of a building is to serve a purpose. For architects, the heating, lighting and drainage system are all listed above the appearance of a building, since obviously no one wants to live in an inconvenient, uncomfortable house, though beautiful. Furthermore, under the modern guidance of energy conservation, architects still value the ideology of environmental protections over the beauty, because an ecological house can provide substantial benefits in a long term perspective.

Nevertheless, on the other side, appearance should be taken into consideration when it does not conflict with function, for beauty is always the man’s pursuit. A building, first at least, should not spoil the landscape of the city, for a pleasant environment is important as well for urban residents. Besides, a meaningful, creative and unique architecture can become the landmark of a city or a country, such as Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall and Big Ben which tell the story of its nation in a particular period or represent its nation’s culture and spirits.

Overall, I believe the function of the building is the foundation of its appearance. However, when the function is guaranteed and the two elements do not have conflicts, architects should take the beauty into account as well.


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