Holding Olympic Games is an exciting event. Some people think it has positive effects while others argue it is a waste of money. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.


Next august in London, the eye-attracting thirtieth Olympic Games are to be held. Advocators are endeavoring to take it as ways to promote International communication and improve the relationship. However, others claim the holding of such activities to be a waste of money. To make a rational decision between the two, I tend to have a careful discussion of both views first.

As the past experience Indicates, Olympic Games do contribute a lot to the world wide communication. By inviting the most prominent athletes and players from countries over the world to attend the games, this event provides an arena for them to compete with each other on a fair basis, freeing them from fighting fiercely on the battle fields. Besides, with the swarming of foreign visitors and audience into the host country or paying close attention on the media, the understandings among people of the country will be significantly deepened, and with the exchange of roles In holding the events, more countries can then enjoy this benefit. However, to some extent, holding Olympic Games will consume a huge sum of money, which, if not well managed, may result in a waste. With just some players running, jumping and playing on the fields, the social productivity is not enhanced and the social value is not Improved.

In this sense, the investment in holding these games may seem to be worthless. Also, games are just games, and they are not related to the relationship among countries, which is mainly based on their own interests. No matter how friendly they play on the fields, when their countries interests are inflicted, it Is most likely for the countries to have conflicts or even wars with one another, which means, in other words, the money put in the games does not function in world relationship.

To sum up, both sides are reasonable to some extent. Personally, I would support the holding of Olympic Games around the world, because at least, we could have a visual feast and then have more understandings about the world around us.


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