In some countries,small town-centre shops are increasingly replaced by the huge out-of-town stores. As a result, more and more people have to by cars in order to get to those ‘far away’ stores. Do the disadvantages of the development outweigh the advantages?


Due to a rapid growth in many societies and communities, the number of people who have private cars grows sharply which have leaded to numerous bad influences. For instance: some small town-centre shops have bankrupted. Therefore, increasing people buy cars for shopping. From my point of view, this phenomenon has a greater disadvantage than advantages. The government should take some measures to preserve unimportant town-centre shops.

Initially, the increase number of private cars has made more traffic jam than before. The capacity of a road has been limited with the amount of surprise quickly the capacity of the road has been challenged. Thus, the cities are crowded and often happen traffic jam at weekends or weekdays twilight. For example, office worker only have two days off once week, namely Saturday and Sunday. So they have to drive to the supermarket at weekends that attribute to the traffic jam.

Furthermore, because of more and more people to drive to a large supermarket that needs supermarket to build some huge stopping places to park cars. As the space of the earth is limited we should use the land efficiency. Maybe some farmland has to replace parking lots. And tiny town-centre shops are out of business. More businessmen lost their jobs.

However, admittedly, the development of overweight out-of-town stores will promote the auto industry development which owing to people has to buy cars for buying goods convenience. And thanks to more and more have bought cars that GDP has benefited from it. But, these benefits are less than its disadvantages. It has adverse effects of our environment and traffic condition.

To conclude , more and more people buy cars as the result of the bankrupt of miniature town-centre shops . The government should restrict it, as it’s costs would outweigh gains . And the government could take actions to preserve minute town-centre shops so that citizens don’t have to drive to out of town . For small shopsshould Improve their goods’ gualities and serves .


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