In some countries, today young people are less respectful and polite to others. What could be the reasons behind such behaviour? What can be done about it?


For the past few years, the frequent coverage of such incidents as the young generation being rude to their parents and young people refusing to land a hand to a fallen old man makes us believe that today’s world is suffused with apathy and that young people are less respectful and polite to others. In my opinion, it is our overemphasis on material success and the tilted media coverage that should be blamed for this phenomenon.

To start with, our overemphasis on material success leads to social apathy. In this world, success is measured by material wealth one obtains.

Consciously or not, we picture successful people as those who drive luxury cars, live in big houses and buy things they want with their credit cards without any hesitation. Therefore, people become more focused on their material success and less careful about others’ wellbeing. Moreover, the media should also be blamed for social apathy by disproportionately covering stories with negative effects. It is true that someone helped others but ended up with being sued. However, more cases are that those kind-hearted people improve not only theirs but also other people’s lives. Even so, our media only report the former while ignoring the latter, making people especially the young people who have greater access to this information to believe that it would be better not to help others for fear of getting into trouble.

This is the trend that we need to spare no efforts to reverse. In my opinion, firstly, we can rely on the media to give more reports on those loving and caring cases. In doing so, people will follow the tide to spread love as well. Furthermore, we can also encourage schools to launch various activities to foster qualities like fraternity and tolerance among the young people. When the young generation has faith in love, the whole world will turn to a caring and loving global village.

Admittedly, reversing the trend takes time and can not be achieved overnight. However, as long as we take concrete actions, we can and will create a world of love, care and respect.


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