Many people think that too much money is wasted on investment in technical equipment for space exploration and would be beneficial if invested elsewhere, do you agree or disagree with this statement?


Currently, our government has invested a huge sum of money in space exploration, only yielding minimal results. For me, weighing the astronomical costs of space exploration and its minute benefits and considering our more pressing problems, I firmnly believe that investment can be better rewarded if put elsewhere.

Some may argue that space exploration may bring us some benefits in the future. Nevertheless, it bears whopping costs yet yield uncertain results. We can never be sure that we can find alternative resources there, nor can we be guaranteed a homeland out there if the earth becomes too crowded or polluted to live. Worse still, we may even unconsciously open up a Pandora’s box by creating much space junk. Therefore, it will be too risky to put so much money in space exploration, which is just like a dream. But we can never tell where it will end. Besides the risk, we also have many pressing problems which deserve our greater input. Currently, in our country, many people are still out of work, many old people are still not cared for when they are ill, many labors are stdl working at sweatshop, earning the money that can only scrape by, let alone affording their children’s education. With so many things left undone, how can we turn a blind eye to them but to pursue a hyper-expensive yet illusory dream by putting our astronauts’ lives under the risk of radiation?

In summary, we can achieve better value of our investment by putting it into solving our more urgent problems like healthcare, employment and education instead of into the costly space exploration.


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