In some countries people are not taking care of their elderly relatives,some believe elderly people should live in nursing homes where trained professionals care for the elderly, others think they should live with the younger family members. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


Parents have devoted all their lives and energy to their children and when they are old, it is time for their children to repay their care and love. Therefore, it seems that it should be the children’s responsibility to take good care of their parents in their later years. However, I believe that a better way of ensuring that aged parents lead a happy and healthy life is to put them in nursing homes.

Living in nursing homes, they have more opportunities to communicate with their peers. Keeping each other’s company, they don’t feel lonely and can do a great deal of things together, such as morning exercise, playing games, and exchanging memories and stories from their past. On the other hand, if they live at home, they are often left alone when their children and grandchildren are away working or studying.

In such retirement homes, aging people can receive intensive medical care from professional doctors. Besides, they can receive a proper diet prepared by dieticians to meet their individual requirements. This is especially good for those old people in poor health. Moreover, they could have regular medical check-ups so that any disease could be diagnosed in its early stage. What is the most beneficial is that if any disease strikes them, medical services are immediately available.

Indeed, there are also benefits for children’s work and study when nursing homes take over the task of caring for the elderly. Children, free from care, can devote themselves to work or study and achieve more success. Since nursing homes benefits seniors and other family members so much, I believe that old people should be sent to nursing homes.


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