Nowadays, some workplaces are employing an equal number of men and women. Do you think it is positive or negative?


In this day and age more and more women are playing increasingly essential roles in modern society, it has to be noted that most high-level governmental jobs are still within men’s grasp. For this reason, some people propose that a certain percentage of such positions should be assigned to women.

From some people’s point of view, the practice may sound reasonable based on the following reasons. First of all, it is beneficial for the women to bring their talents in certain fields into full play. It is widely accepted that women are generally more careful, patient and gifted in certain field like arts compared with their male counterparts and preserving some governmental positions related to such fields for them seems to be a decent idea. Moreover, the move could be regarded as a sign of equality between men and women, which indicates the women’s value has been realized.

While the above reasons seem sounding, the negative side of the practice should never be overlooked. Firstly, the packed-schedule of a governmental top position is likely to make women become so busy with their job that their family lives are always neglected. The fact that the majority of female top employees in the US government are either single or divorced serves as a convincing example. More importantly, the practice also harms certain capable male candidates’ interests and it is likely to make women to be more dependent on such preferential policies.

To sum up, it does bring benefits to the government if more women participate in certain fields of governmental positions. Such benefits, nevertheless, are based on the sacrifice of the women’s family lives and the interests of their male counterparts. So I think it is acceptable for the government to encourage women to commit themselves to some high level jobs, but on no account should we reserve them for women purposely.


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