In recent years, traffic jams has beome a headache problem around the world. In order to solve this problem, some people think governments have to build wider road to satisfy and solve the traffic jams. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


The headache of waking up every morning pondering how to beat the traffic jam has become a common burden for drivers all around the world. Though some argue that building wider roads could solve the problem, I personally believe that it only makes it worse if government insists on establishing new traffic infrastructures.

For 50 years, the common solution for traffic congestions has been to build more and wider roads. Since the 1940s, the one-size-fits-all solution to urban traffic problems has been road construction, and it’s a solution that comes only in two sizes: big and bigger. The government believes that keeping at it long enough, there would eventually be enough room in the city for all those fast-moving cars. Unfortunately, not only do highways fail on their own promise of smoother commutes, they ruin the cityscape around them. Study after study show that more highways only lead to the increasing volumes of traffic. City planning and urban design practices can have a huge impact on levels of future traffic congestion, but they are of limited relevance for short-term change.

Despite wider roads, there are other measures that can be done to avoid traffic congestion. To begin with, the current environment of bus transport makes the transport acceptable only to low income people and those who cannot travel otherwise. To make people switch to buses from using their own cars, the quality and public safety standards on public transport must improve considerably. In addition, reducing private cars is also an effective way. Increased taxes on gasoline will do well to dampen many people’s enthusiasm for buying a car.

Traffic woes top the list of city-dweller complaints in elections at every level, and what better response could a politician give than to promise more roads, better roads, expressways, highways and express highways? The resolutions should be planned and implemented more carefully.


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