Some people say that it is impossible to live comfortably in big cities. What problems are faced by the people living in big cities? What solutions can be taken to solve those problems?


Most people would say life is improving, except those in Africa or living in the throes of regional conflicts. But at the same time, our quality of life is becoming ever worse and it is impossible to live comfortably in huge cities. It is high time that we pinpoint the causes and come up with some solutions.

Working stress is the main problem. With the unemployment rate running high in even the most affluent cities, job security is becoming less and less guaranteed. To keep their jobs, people are compelled to work longer hours to the extent that we think about it all the time and can never really relax or take a break. Even for those with secure jobs, promotions and better salaries are irresistible considering the fierce compete in big cities, forever coaxing them to try their uttermost.

The relationship with one’s fellow human being is also the problem we need to face in cities. People living in big cities are becoming more isolated nowadays, not only from strangers but even from close relatives and friends. Everyone is engrossed in his or her own affair with no energy for what happens to other people. As a result, emotions get bottled up. No wonder people tend to feel the whole weight of the world on their shoulders and be unhappy all day long.

By and large, all people can have a good life wherever they live. Contrary to common belief, happiness depends very little on material wealth. Rather, it depends on our attitude instead of the rapid economic development in big cities. If we are content with who we are and what we already have, we can be happy no matter how unlikely it seems according to worldly standards. Work and wealth are far overrated and need to be put into its proper perspective. In addition, people need to improve their relationship with others around them, be it a colleague, a loved one or a total stranger by really communicating with and caring for each other.


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