In many countries around the world, shopping has turned into a form of entertainment rather than a way of getting what people need. Discuss the reasons for this trend. Is it a positive or negative development?

在许多国家,购物已经从购置必需品转变成一种娱乐的方式。请谈谈引起这种趋势的原因? 这是一种正面的还是负面的发展?

For many people, shopping is a worrying, expensive and unavoidable necessity. For others, however, it has become an indulgent leisure activity. In my opinion, shopping as entertainment is a negative development. This essay will explain why mindless shopping is bad for individuals and society, bad for the environment, and bad for our future.

Firstly, the price of much stuff such as meet, clothes, commodities shoot up due to the economic crisis years ago. While the wealthy still prefer to live In lavish life style. They are willing to waste money to buy unneeded things, Ignoring the fact that a large number of people die of starvation or water shortage. Admittedly, many young people usually go shopping when they are free or boring. They think it is the best way to help them get refreshed.

Secondly, extravagance could be a threat to the environment potentially. By keeping up with the latest fashion, the rich encourage throw-away culture. They are willing to dispose the out-dated items. What’s worse, some people are eager to mining for natural resources to supply manufacturing industries. They cut forest for precious wood; kill animals for fur, leather and ivory, thus the ecological balance is disturbed. Life would be improved if extravagant amounts of money used in right ways. Such as saving for future, and emergency, investing in education or donating to the underprivileged. If you are keen on shopping, you can donate the useless things to the needy rather than waste it. This will be a meaningful deed which not only helps others in need but also save the natural.

In conclusion, wasting money to buy more and more things whether they need them is a negative trend. I think people should spend their money wisely and care more about the environment and the needy, thus life will gets better.


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