Nowadays, a lot of charities and organization have set up a number of days to name the special day to publicize their activities, like National Children’s Day, National Non-Smoking Day.Why do they have to do so, and what will the effects be?


More charities are held in society nowadays. The names of such events are often the special days, such as National Children’s Day and National Non-Smoking Day. Organizations give this kind of name for a reason related to the simplicity, and this action will bring both positive and negative effect in terms of attitude and behaviors of those events.

Organizations establish special days to name their events to make it easy to be remembered. At the first time people hear a simple name, they will always remember the date and the content without seeing the advertisement. A good example for this is International Woman’s Day which is remembered as an event on 8th March to celebrate the equal right of women and men. As a result, people automatically respect the woman’s right on that day without hearing the detail description about it. It can be believed that this is the main reason why the organizations name their events in special day names.

This phenomenon brings several effects which become public discussion. A social study conducted in The United State reveals that it effectively evokes people’s sense of awareness because the names of that events directly deliver the moral value. The closer associated the name given, the easier the insight accepted, the more people attached to the purpose of the event. However, this is non-durable effect as the strong association which people made leads them to behave in certain way just in particular day. For instance, National Children’s Day does remind people to treat the children well, but when it comes to the following day, people tend to treat children with the way that is not as well as they do on International Children’s Day.

The aforementioned evidence shows that organizations name their charities with special day names to make people easy to remember it, while this generates people behave differently in such special days and the ordinary ones. The more attention should be paid on how to improve our awareness about social issues and have good attitudes of them whatever the day.


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