Nowadays, anyone can post information on the Internet. Some people say most of what we read on the Internet is inaccurate. Other believe we are increasingly influenced by this spontaneous information. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


It seems quite interesting that the Internet is ubiquitous among the general public’s daily work and life, symbolizing the advent of the Internet era. The internet empowers us to seek the very information we need. However, due to the fact that posting news and information is totally available to everyone, some claim that the message we acquire may prove less precise This essay is to discuss this topic in a more balanced way with exemplifications.

The most pressing problem is that some individuals take advantage of the Internet to commit fraud. An abundance of information on the Internet, amazingly, is not severely regulated. It is apparent that anyone with a certain amount of money and minimal skills with computer – based knowledge is capable of posting an article immediately. One Impressive case In point is that one famous milk company hired a group of staff to make up false comments on his rivals’ commodities such as the inferior quality of products and the poor customer service via the Internet, but intensify great efforts to promote the quality of their products in the name of the real customers. As a consequence, a countless number of clients are cheated and fall victims to these false customers’ feedback.

However, the advocating voice can also be heard about such a free posting mode. Although Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, for instance, it has a large group of active and professional editors who remove erroneous information. It is true that Wikipedia serve vast quantities of information concerning almost all fields, rendering prompt helps to the researchers.

Undoubtedly, some postings on the Internet are of Immense importance to us, especially ones about the advice for the computers. We tend to be encountered with quite a few intractable problems such as how to update and edit some documentaries or files, and the postings related to these headaches will be the very suggestion we can turn to.

In summary, to ensure the accuracy and credibility of the information on the Internet, the government may attempt to establish increasingly stringent censorship like demanding the supply of the posters’ real and overall personal information, which is a fairly practical way.


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