Global climate has changed, should transport be reduced on the roads, e.g cars and lorries? Explain the advantages and the disadvantages in your relevant location and give your opinion.


As burning fossil fuels in vehicle engines releases carbon that has been stored away underground for millions of years into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, and contributes to climate change. Every year around 80 billion litres of road fuel are consumed in the China, and carbon emissions from road transport account for around a quarter of total China annual emissions. Given the significant threat posed by climate change, our country needs to substantially reduce its carbon emissions. China also has international legal obligations to reduce emissions and increase the use of renewable energy.

Our town has too many cars, It becomes easy to cause traffic jam, especially when people go to work and go home after work. And drivers may need to wait for hours in their cars. Meanwhile, high risk of getting into accidents is the biggest problem in our town. What’s more, more and more cars also mean more and more pollution to the environment. The gas that cars discharged is a serious pollution to the atmosphere.

However, the personal independence derived from having a car is immense. People in town can work, shop and pursue leisure and other pursuits at their own convenience without having to depend on the fixed arrival and departure schedules of public transportation systems or expensive on-call cab services. Women can avoid crowds in transit areas and generally travel more comfortably In cars.

In a free market economy, I think that the best way to replace fossil fuels is by making them more expensive. The market will respond by providing cheaper and cleaner alternatives. Policymakers, environmental groups and economists advocate one of three options in the United States: a carbon tax, a cap and trade system, or a cap and dividend

system. All three systems would raise the price of carbon emissions, but the associated costs, and rebates to offset those costs, would affect businesses and consumers differently. Besides, use of biofuels such as ethanol or biodiesel could play an important role in saving fossil fuels. For instance, ethanol is the most common biofuel worldwide. It can be mixed with gasoline to any percentage and used in existing petrol engines as a replacement of gasoline. Biodiesel is beneficial because it can be used in existing vehicles with little or no adaptation.


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