Many countries aim to improve living standard by economic development, but some important social values are lost as a result. Do you think the advantages of economic development outweigh the disadvantages?


Sample Answer 1:

Living in a high standard level is the ultimate goal of many people. All of us are doing our best to live in comfort and peace. Governments try to satisfy their citizens’ needs and provide them with all means of happiness and advance. To do this the economy of should be improved.

Like everything else, this has its advantages and disadvantages as well. Developing the economy is certainly useful not only for the living standard purpose but also for many other reasons; it may impact positively on the country in many fields, such as politics, culture and military power.

Some people look for this point from another point of view; they see that the economic advance for improving standards of living has some drawbacks. First of all, it is better to governments to satisfy the principle things for their people as food and medicines before thinking in providing a lot leisure and comfort way of living. Other reason from their opinion, easy come easy go. Population may not act in good way towards facilities which constructed by the governments, especially if they were not funded from the people’s tax. In addition, they think that the social values may be affected by such development, as they are convinced that the community will change and the morals of people like honest and truth will be modified, the families won’t gather with their selves regularly and the sense of help and support can be vanished by the time due to availability of many things to all people.

I tend to see that, it’s very important for countries to develop their economy for their citizens’ sake. I believe that the economy improvement advantages will have significant positive effects on the societies and the normal result of this development will be the advance of the nations.

Last but not least, governments and the concerned regulatory authorities should try to make a sort of balance between raising the population income and keeping the community’s habits and traditions stable and not affected by any changes from foreign cultures.

[ by – Waleed Hassanain ]

Sample Answer 2:

Economic development is very essential for any country because economical condition of a country will left very heavy impact on the daily routines of the citizens of that country. The economic development is directly linked to the better living standards of the people of the country. If any country wants to provide a better living standard to the citizens and wants to provide essential needs of living (i.e. food, clothes and shelter) to every citizen, country should be capable and have strong economical development.

If economical development is up to the mark, the living standards would be improved automatically. Through stable economic conditions job opportunities will be created, circulation of money in the market will take place in suitable manner. I think if any country puts all the focus to improve standard of living through economical development, citizens of that country will have to work hard and have to spend most of their time in their work and as a result the social value and social life of the people will cut off. Because economical stability comes in result of impressive hard work and one should sacrifice something in order to earn another things.

I personally believe that economical development is the best and most appropriate option for good living standards and the advantages of that development always outweigh the disadvantages. Economically developed nations do not suffer from social moral and social bonding. Rather, it is deteriorating in countries where economic development is yet to achieve.

In conclusion, economic development is the most essential part of a nation’s progress and it does not mean that the development will degrade the social values.

[ by – Bilawal Ali ]

Sample Answer 3:

Over the last few decades, many countries are aggressively involved in improving the economic condition and uplifting the living standard of the people. Whereas, on the other hand, there are also people who believe that in the race of improving the living standard, people are neglecting the social values. I also believe that people nowadays are more concerned about possessing materialistic success which has overshadowed the need of social values.

Countries and people are competing with one another in order to achieve success in jobs, business, and politics. However, in the competition of “who will come first”, they have outweighed the importance of social value such as love, humanity, service, compassion etc. Economic development has helped people to access latest technologies, possess wealth and medical services but along with that they are losing social values.

Nowadays, people have good modern medical facilities but side by side they also have lots of diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, depression etc. Even rich people are unhappy in their lives and lots of teenagers are tends to commit suicide because they are lonely and do not have supporting families, friends and societies who can encourage them.

In addition, people have car and vehicles to save their travelling time, cellular phone to talk with people from one country to another county, internet services to connect with people thus; they do not have time to enjoy with their families and friends. People are so busy these days that they don’t even bother to know what is going in their neighbour’s life.

In conclusion, economic development along is not enough to satisfied human need thus, social values are as equally important as possessing economic development and improved living standard. In order to maximize the quality of life, people should not outweigh the social values.

[ by – Sajeeta Thapa ]

Sample Answer 4:

It is perceived by most countries that by developing their economy, the living standard of their people could be improved, but there are those who believe that economic growth could result to lose of social values.

It is certainly true that countries with developed economies have improved their people’s lives because of their advanced standard of public services such as health and education. Improved health care can improve quality of life through treating diseases and increasing people’s life expectancy. Also, increased educational standards can give the population a greater diversity of skills and literacy. This enables greater opportunity and freedom. In my knowledge, I have learned that education is seen as an important development of welfare and happiness.

However, while we can obviously see the benefits of a developed economy, there are other people who perceive that this could lead to lose of social values. It means that with higher economic growth, this may result to longer hours of work. Then working parents would not have enough quality time to spend with their children. Hence, children will tend to emulate their bad influence peers and eventually involve to an antisocial activities or juvenile delinquency, for instance the unguided young teenagers, mainly African and Caribbean Americans in New York City in the 20th century.

In conclusion, I certainly believe that through developing national economy, it will give people a better quality of life. Although it could affect families negatively, this would be just a little impact compared to the many benefits it could give to its society in terms of health and educational services.

[ by – Rona Lyn Olivar ]


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