Countries with a long average working time are more economically successful than those countries which do not have a long working time. but some negative social consequences are resulted as well. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


There is a viewpoint that people would create more fortune and the nation would become wealthier if citizens spend more time on their work. From what I have observed, this argument may be invalid to some extent or may even result in some social problems.

In the industrialization age, prolonged working hours did lead the economy to prosperity.Before the advent of the steam engine and other machinery that would replace manpower, labour was the core of production. Thus, accumulated workload naturally boosted production and economy. In this situation, the statement in question does make sense. Nevertheless,in my opinion, in this information age, longer working time may not necessarily translate into economic success, and it is the technological development that contributes to the economic boom. Actually, machines, digital or mechanical are swiftly replacing ordinary workers in almost every industry.

Meanwhile, it seems to me that more working time would deprive staff of leisure time and relaxation, resulting in social problems. For one thing,lengthening working hour may lead to negative effects on economic development. This is largely because individuals have to spend more time on their daily work and can not have a break from routine, and therefore they are likely to have higher pressure and lower efficiency in their tasks. For another, alienation among families is also attributed to the increasing working time. Being busy with assigned jobs, people may not spend more time with their family, let alone cleaning their mental space by taking part in positive social activities with them. Accordingly, couples may quarrel more often than they used to do, and brothers and sisters may talk less and take less care of each other.

To conclude, I believe that longer working time may not contribute to economic growth in contemporary society because of the development of information technology, but a long working day will definitely bring about social problems.


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