Space travel has been possible for some time.some people think space tourism could be developed in the future which can help to develop countries’ economic, what do you think? To what extent do you think this is a positive or negative development?


Nowadays human beings’ thirst for knowledge is no longer confined to the planet we live but expands to the boundless outer-space. Some people believe that space travel will develop in the future and power the economic growth. Nevertheless, in my point of view, the negative effects outweigh its positive effects.

First of all, space travel – an be devastating to people s health because of the various radiations it contains. These radiations can not only hurt our surface skin but also mutate our genes. Therefore, space travel affects not only ourselves but also our next generations, which can be quite distressing since those side effects may not be exposed until our future generations actually suffer from them. However, it will be too late then to remedy the mistakes we have made.

In addition, space travel may trigger conflicts among different rations. Firstly, space travel can be an excuse of national espionage , which may threaten national security. Nowadays, countries pay much attention to national security and confidentiality and distaste of being spied on. Thus, it would be better not to turn space travel into a way of national espionage. Secondly, space travel may incur a space race among different nations, which might drag down the economy considering the high cost of space exploration. In this way, countries may rush to invest more funds into the space instead of trying to solve their more urgent domestic affairs.

In conclusion, it is true that space travel can satisfy our curiosity about the outer-space. Nevertheless, this benefit can not match the numerous hazards brought by space travel.


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