Sports(Olympics)help to a greater extent to build peace in world. Do you agree or disagree? Give some examples and include relevant experiences in your response.


International sport competitions have been held since ancient times. Some people believe that popular events like Olympic games and other sporting occasions are crucial in easing international tensions and displaying patriotic emotions in a safe way. There is no doubt that, sports, especially football can facilitate international tensions and reduce patriotic emotions. However, sport events can increase advert feelings between hostile countries.

To begin with, the football world cup is one of the best way to illustrate positive and friendly examples to the world. In the football world cup people will gather to one country from all over the world . In this case, people from other countries, cultures and religions will meet each other and gain more information regarding each other traditions and cultures and it will help them to reduce international tensions and patriotic emotions. Moreover, football players also can give message to the world by shaking hand and wearing logos. For instance, in 2010 North Korea demonstrated friendly act against their enemy South Korea. That’s why sport events are imperative in abbreviation international tensions and patriotic senses.

On the other hand, sport events can worse conditions and patriotic feelings between states. After match there can be collision among fans since one team can lost and it will increase conflict among audiences .For instance, games between Greece and Turkey are always intensive and there can be even death among spectators.

In my opinion, big sport affairs can assist people to be friendly and shorten patriotic emotions and international tensions. But at the same time it can explode feelings among countries and situations can worsen. In conclusion, not only sport occasions and also music, painting and other fields can make healthy, happy and peaceful life among people from disparate countries, religions and cultures.


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