Nowadays more and more people are using ready to eat foods. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages. Express your view on both sides.


The fast pace of life and innovative technology are bringing new products to our life and changing human’s eating habits gradually. There are many kinds of food available on the market, no exception is the “ready to eat” which are foods that are edible without washing, cooking, or additional preparation by the food handler. Some people argue that by eating ready-to-eat food, they may find both the advantages and disadvantages. These reasons will be illustrated in the following essays.

It is undoubted that ready-to-eat meals meet the need of the life in a fast pace, especially for the young people who are too busy to cook at home. It is convenient, fast and logistically easy to distribute. These advantages will benefit the populations who are in transit when cooking facilities not available. Some ready-to-eat food may also serve a useful temporary purpose. For example, high-energy biscuits are suitable for supplementary feeding on a temporary basis.

However, people still concern about the issues of safety and nutrition regarding this type of meal. Since ready-to-eat foods will not be washed or cooked before serving, preventing harmful bacteria getting onto the foods while preparing and packing the food is vital. Unlike home-make meal, the sanitation of ready-to-eat meal is in doubt. Moreover, some ready-to-eat products are not healthy, for instance the high energy biscuits usually contain high protein content.

It is undeniable that many people have already relied on the ready-to-eat meals which offer them extra time to focus on their works and families. However, we cannot encourage this type of food to become our daily diet. Because the fresh home-make meals are much more healthy and safety and no one would like to have “ready to eat” in a family gathering.


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