Nowadays more and more people have consumer goods, such as refrigerator and or washing machines. Do you think this development has more advantages or disadvantage?


Model Answer 1:

This is a universally acknowledged fact that there are many home appliances that are being developed in the last 2 decades that had really helped people in their day to day work. Refrigerators and washing machines are some of the examples. Some people hold the opinion, that using consumer goods are having more advantages compared to disadvantages; whereas, others have the conflicting views. Here, in the below essay, I will try to enunciate on both the facts with my own perception.

To begin with, these are some of the advantages of having refrigerator and washing machine . Firstly, no doubt; nowadays, both the partners have to step out of their home for working purpose and because of the long working hours they do not have sufficient energy to cook food on the daily basis. Definitely, refrigerators have made lives easy by keeping the cooked food on the previous day fresh for longer time. Moreover, refrigerators are also help in keeping vegetables and dairy products fresh. In addition, washing machine with dryer systems are life savior for those people who are living in a small apartment and do not have sufficient place to hang or dry their clothes.

On the other hand, using these appliances on the daily basis has its own disadvantages. Firstly, cooked food stored in a refrigerator is not good for health as probably it make lack proteins and carbohydrates essential for body growth. Moreover, eating refrigerated meals on the daily basis can give rise to many ailments like increase in saturated fats in human body, heart diseases or diabetes. Undeniably, using these appliances really force us to live sedentary lifestyles and give rise to many maladies such as back pain, shoulder pain and complete body pain. No doubt before the inventions of these appliances our mothers and grandmothers used to wash clothes with their hand and they never complaint about back pain, shoulder pain.

To recapitulate, by looking at the above facts using these consumer goods has its own benefits and ill-effects. However, in my opinion advantages outweigh disadvantages, if we take some steps to do physical exercises to keep ourselves fit and healthy

Model Answer 2:

With the development of new technologies, people’s life is now more comfortable than it was in the past. In these days it is almost unimaginable that one modern household functions without refrigerators, washing machines, microwave oven, and other appliances. A rapid development of these technologies brings with itself a lot of advantages, but negatively effects these useful technological devices have on humans and environment could not be ignored.

With today’s available consumer goods, people do not have much trouble to keep their foods or clothes in the condition that will be useful for them in every occasion. Time spent in preparation of food, washing or ironing of clothes, is far less these days than it used to be in the past, and thanks to new technologies. Just hundred years ago it was unimaginable that you could keep your meats and other food items for months, to prepare some meals in just a couple of minutes or to wash a large number of clothes in just 30 minutes. That is the biggest advantage of these consumer goods, Modern people spend far less time in doing house chores than they used to. In this way, people can save time, and time is the most valuable aspect in the modern society.

But, on the other hand, use of appliances in such huge quantity brings with itself higher energy consumptions that lead to a higher environmental pollution all around the world. Since most of our energy is produced from the fossil fuels and coals, further increasing of energy consumption will lead to greater consumption of these non-renewable resources of energy which harm our environment. Even today the Earth is on the highest level of pollution in its history. So it is understandable why people warn on use and overuse of consumer goods.

At the end, modern appliances are invented to make people’s life easier and they are successful in that, but the question is- ‘what cost it will bound us to pay?’ I am sure that in the future these consumer goods will be more energy efficient with lesser energy consumptions for their work, and that will still make the life of people easier and more convenient like they do today.

[Written by – Nenad Nikolic ]

Model Answer 3:

It is a fact that more families these days have electronic households such freezers, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, room heater, water heater and laundry machines than ever before. This trend has some positive and negative aspects but I personally believe that it has more disadvantages than advantages and this is due to the environmental damage they cause.

It is noticed that the number of families that have consumer goods at their home has increased rapidly in the past few years. The main reason behind this trend is because of people’s busy lifestyle. They have less time to do their household activities and therefore they are relying on their electronic devices. For example, city people who are busy with their works are relying on their microwave oven and cooker for preparing their meals. The oven could be utilised for preparing instant food which would save some time for them. Therefore, some people believe that the existence of electronic household devices brings a lot of benefits for them.

On the other hand, another group of people believe that it is not a good trend because they think that these devices could have some negative effects on the human body. For instance, devices such as microwave ovens or refrigerators produce radiation that could result a serious threat to the human body. In such cases, the usage of microwave oven has triggered serious diseases such as tumour and cancer. Another example would be about the usage of CFC as it is used in electronic products such as air conditioner and freezer. Many people do not realise that the usage of CFC has a fatal effect on the environment, as it triggers global warming. No doubt the modern electronic devices that we use daily have made our life easier and brought many luxuries in our life but the damages those devices cause is a big threat in our existence.

In conclusion, it is true that the number of people who own electronic household devices has grown significantly in the past few years. In spite of all the benefits, I personally believe that it has more drawbacks for our life, as these electronic products could have some serious effects on our body and the environment as well.

[Written by – Darwin Lesmana ]



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