Many countries now show insufficient respect to old people, what cause this? What problem might it bring to the society?


Senior citizens are the backbone of every society. Therefore, there is no doubt the elder people should get their respect in every country. But, this is not the present scenario. In contrast with the past, senior citizens are treated very rudely, almost in every country. There are many reasons why senior people are not getting their adequate respect and attention. But the most important reason is career aspirations.

Nowadays, young generation is more careers oriented. That means people are spending more and more time towards their aspirations, where they are closely involved with their job, study and business. Many times, these people are required to travel out of their city and country, for their work. Therefore, the work balance is not healthy enough for this generation. On the other hand, due to this busy lifestyle young people are losing their culture are unknowingly they are neglecting older people.

Secondly, today’s people think elder people are back dated. Hence, a healthy interaction between these two generations is very tiny. Due to this generation gap, young people think older people are not going to understand modern thinking. Subsequently, the attachment is getting thinner and as an outcome, young people are behaving in a sarcastic way with the older generation.

Undoubtedly, the society is encountering many issues due to our negligence towards elder members of our society. Primarily, due to insufficient respect and lack of attention, maximum elder members are counting their days in old age homes. Therefore, we are losing our family bonding. Additionally, joint families are divided into nuclear families. Secondly, our next generations are not getting the love and affection from their grandparents. And subsequently, we are losing out culture and customs. For instance, I have spent much healthy time with my grandparents and they make me aware about our cultural values and customs. Whereas, our next generations don’t have the opportunity to spend quality time with their grandparents. Hence, they have to sacrifice valuable moments.

To recapitulate, in every family, we respect our senior members due to their contribution and unconditional support. The same way, we should respect senior members of our country, for their enormous contribution towards the nation. Hence, we should pay attention towards elder members of our society. On the other hand, we should provide an opportunity for our younger members to spend happy moments with their grandparents.


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