In some societies, the responsibility of mother differs from the responsibility of father. What is the reason for this? And what do you think of the parental issues in the future?


In many communities, it is evident that the role of mother differs from that of the father. In my view, this phenomenon is partly caused by the physiological differences between men and women and partly by the historical development of these two roles.

To start with, the physiological features of men and women exert I huge impact on determining the role of mother and father. Women tend to be more caring and patient, thus, they can do ? better job caring for the lives of their children. While men tend to be more ambitious, thus, they can better fulfill the role of a breadwinner for their families. With the different physiological features, men and women can be allocated with different works and fulfill their jobs more effectively. In addition, men and women get so accustomed to their traditional roles that this role has been deeply entrenched in their minds. Since the ancient times, “men working outside while women doing domestic housework” have become a fixed concept in many societies. Therefore, it is quite difficult to ditch this mentality.

Nevertheless, in this modern world, an increasing number of women take up a job outside, thus burdened by the double role of being a mother and a worker. On one hand, they face fierce competition from their male counterparts at work. On the other hand, they are overburdened by the heavy load of house chores at home.

In conclusion, the traditional roles of mother and father, coupled with the rapid social development requiring women to take a job have subjected women to a heavy load of work both at home and at work. Therefore, it is high time that we think about some ways to alleviate the burden of women.


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