Nowadays, the differences between countries are becoming less and less, we can enjoy the same lifestyle and culture. Why does this happen? What are the advantages and disadvantages?



In this day and age, national boundaries blur with the trend of globalization. It is no doubt that there are some reasons for these developments as well as its benefits and drawbacks to the modern society.

These shrinking differences can be attributed to the development of technology, which allows people of different nations to access to various cultures. In the past, it was simply unimaginable to understand a nation’s culture without actually setting foot on that place. But now, due to the social network, the instant communication tools as well as the mass media we can know different cultures immediately and effectively. Besides, commercialization can also be a reason for these increasingly similar lifestyles. To take China as an example, up to now, China is flooded with many foreign shops and brands like McDonald’s,Starbucks and KFC, allowing Chinese people to experience American way of life at home.

This gradually homogeneous trend among various countries can be both beneficial and harmful. On the one hand, when different cultures become increasingly alike, misunderstandings caused by cultural differences can be lessened. On the other hand, when cultural varieties die out, human beings will be deprived of all the benefits brought by various cultures. For instance, if all the ethnic cultures finally assimilate with the mainstream culture, then we will lose the opportunity of learning from those ethnic cultures and enriching our knowledge and values.

It is inevitable that with the further development of technology, the distance of nations will be further shortened and finally the whole world will be turned into a global village. What we need to consider is how to strike a balance between the preservation of various cultures and the trend of globalization.


Last month, American pop star couple, Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce were in Cuba to celebrate their wedding anniversary, it had been a big news because Cuba is the restrict area for American. What is more interesting, this news caused many concerns around world, I did hear this happening from Chinese social media Weibo which looks like Twitter. Now, the same things happened every minutes, our lives and culture have influenced by the people who live in the opposite of Earth, and vice versa, For example, In China, English and west culture is very popular, many English words and phases have appeared in current Chinese language such as “Hello”, “Thanks”, “Goodbye” and so on, and you can find many bars and restaurants with west style in the street, actually there is few differences between living in London or Beijing. People often called this phenomenon as “Globalization”.

Experts said “Globalization” happened by two reasons . The first, the transport is more effective than before. Now, to travel from London to Beijing, it only costs less than 8 hours, it means not only can we be in Beijing at workdays and have weekend in London, but also we can post something from London and receive it in Beijing in the few days. The second, it is due to the Internet, it reduced the distance of communication. With Internet, we can chat with foreign friends and scan their facebook or twitter to know what are their lives going on.

So what can we benefited from “Globalization”? In my opinion, there are a couple of advantages, firstly, we can share the newest harvest of world. Thanks to globalization, iPad which is an awesome electrical invention has been enjoyed by the people all round the world. Secondly, it is good for student to get the most advanced knowledge, maybe not everyone could study at the top universities, but we can have courses at the Internet open class. Thirdly, it has positive impacts on commercial, the global business would have a more than 10 times market than the local.

Every upside has a downside, globalization maybe cause multiple styles in the world disappeared, actually, it is happening, But nothing can stop the world forward to the globalization, so it is emergent to protect the local culture.


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