Police in some countries like England don’t carry guns. Some people don’t approve of this because they think that police with guns gives them security. Others think that police carrying guns decreases crimes. What is your opinion? Give relevant examples and experiences.


Nowadays, to sustain social discipline, rule and regulation police are getting more strong and effective. As police’s main motto should be maintain social security and reducing crime, some nations discourage having gun with police due to the chance of be biased and breaking law. Most of the nations consider weapon not only gives security to the police but also make fear to the criminal for reducing crime. In this essay, I would like to describe my opinion in favour of having weapon on duty though police needs to exploit It with great care.

First of all, a gun is one of the significant tools to control the terrible situations on the spot. Most of the cases criminal are as ferocious as they can kill lots of life for their means. In particular. In a procession when the terrorists are bombing or trying to attack somebody, only police having gun can control the haphazard situation. Moreover, it is also vital for life security. For instance, police has to work in different life threatening situation in any remote area which might have a question of their own life. One more, brutal factor is weapon makes fear for not only for the general but for the criminal as well. In Bangladesh RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) have the power to encounter the criminal on the spot where necessary. Statistics shows, which is decreases the ration of the crime.

On the other hand, having weapon is a big power, which might be caused police to be biased in some critical situation. There is some example of cross fire that police are getting biased to solve the crime rather to put the criminal in jail. Though, this occupation should be very neutral, in the news, sometimes found innocents are harassed by the police as because they have the life threatening weapon.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that owning weapon has big impact on the police’s role. Using the weapon in right manner police can play their real duty in the terrible situation. Whereas, there are some setbacks to be biased the police as a person. In my opinion, dedicated police officer need a weapon to control socio-security.


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