The function of prison is punishment; therefore life in prison should be hard. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Everything has two sides, punishing the prisoners are no exception. The laws for punishing the criminals vary from one country to other, but the prime-motto of punishment is to inflict pain and suffering the law-breakers.

Some people believe that the law-breakers/serious crime-makers have to be punished for physically/emotion ally to make them realize the pain they cause others, law-abiding citizens sense a level of comfort believing there is security provided by the governing bodies by putting the criminals in prison, Few people believe that by Imposing strong punishing rules convicted makes other people in society less inclined to perform serious crimes.

However, considering the humanitarian morals, punishing the prisoners is equivalent to making a crime. Social confinement and isolation in prison are one of the effective ways of keeping offenders out of society, This make the prisoner isolated and provide a chance to ponder over the circumstances he got Into because of his deeds. After watching the movie, The Shaw shank Redemption’ and ‘Green Mile’, it makes me think over once again of how fair is the punishment which is another cruel task committed by the people In authority.

The punishment not only makes the criminals more aggravated towards the society but also shuns the chance of Improving themselves (which is possible by rehabilitation, Reformation and several other positive attitude-changing techniques).

In conclusion, I believe In changing people attitude by reformation programs, providing necessary help physically/emotionally, rather than punishing and making them worse humans who might be a threat after coming back from prison,


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