Many scientists believe that now we can study the behavior of three-year-old children to see whether they will grow up to be criminals. To what extent do you think the crime is a product of human nature and how can we prevent the children from growing up to be criminals?


Today, the rising crime rate raises citizen’s concern and scientists are beginning to explore the reasons for criminal acts. The opinion that children at the age of three have the characteristics for becoming a criminal in the future has been put forward by some scientists. From my own perspective, criminal behavior is a product of nurture rather than nature. Parents and the media should be responsible for the crime.

Parental upbringing background is one of essential causes of the breed of crime. Some parents use extremely tough methods to combat problems no matter what problem it is. Young as the child is, their parents tend to scorn them loudly or beat them strictly if they make little mistakes, such as go back home late, which hurts the vulnerable heart and mind of their child. As far as the child’s concerned, they do not have the capability to distinguish right from wrong, easily following the violent behavior their parents did.

Additionally, children are becoming desensitized by all the violence they see. Journalists are inclined to report something new to attract the reader’s attention, even the violence. Teenagers who are exposed in the media coverage which is full of bloody death incidents easily go astray because of imitation of the violent behavior. Also, individuals are curious about the new things and commit crimes unconsciously as their curiosities may easily be taken advantage of.

In order to prevent crime, parents, the media and the government should joint efforts together. Parents should afford a good environment for the growth of children and young adults. Proper guidance should be provided on a daily basis. Further, Media press should pay more attention to the quality of their reports and avoid excessively reporting the bloody news. When it comes to the government, the authorities should advocate a harmonious society with sharing and understanding among the citizens.


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