The government should control the amount of violence in films and on television in order to decrease the level of violent crime in the society. Do you agree or disagree?


With the continuous emergence of violence in films and computer games, there is a heated discussion among the public on whether it has negative impacts on society or not. While some people argue that it is harmless to some extent, in fact l believe the government should adjust the amount of violence in media properly.

The main reason why violence in media tends to be groundless is that films and TV programs with a moderate degree of violence are inoffensive relaxations. Since most of the producers are aware of their responsibilities to educate the public rather than to mislead them. However, without the proper guidance by the government or parents, t is still likely for young adults to imitate bad behaviors from those abundant violence programs.

Personally, I believe it is necessary for the government to monitor large numbers of violence programs in TV and films because violent scenes and acts prevent teenagers from developing sound minds. The first evidence is the high crime rates in our society. This is largely attributed to the fact that a sizable percentage of teenagers lack reasonable judgment, and there is a higher possibility that they copy the violent behaviors from the mass media commit crimes in the real life. The second point is that the young adult tends to be negatively affected by the cruel acts when they see these aggressive scenes, and thus they are inclined to form a pessimistic attitude towards the society.

In conclusion, I tend to believe that violence in media indeed has some negative influences over the youth, though it aims at entertaining people. Therefore, what government should do is to adjust the amount of violence in TV and films properly.


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