In many parts of the world, children and teenagers are committing more crimes. What are the causes? How should these young criminals be punished?


The exponential rise in the incidence of juvenile crimes has become a point of contention among the general public and is highly publicized both in newspapers and TV broadcasts. This phenomenon has alarmed many who clamor for an immediate resolution to the problem. In this essay, we would like to look on the high criminality among the youth by looking at the many factors which influence their decisions in life.

Many of the youth today are unattended and without adult supervision because their parents and guardians are often busy with their livelihood. Such lack deprives the youth of the necessary guidance they need to make the right choices in life. Another vital factor to consider is the fact that school is quite uninteresting for most of the students, especially those who are not that intelligent. It should be noted that teachers often are privy toward the exceptional students and give the less endowed scant attention. These factors contribute to their openness toward other influences, regardless of whether these are good or bad. Following the puissance of the odious influences in their lives will lead many to commit juvenile crimes.

Given these facts, some aver that even the young lawbreakers should suffer punishments suitable to the gravity of their crimes. First and foremost, parents must punish their children in order not to spoil them, thus, destroy their future. Secondly, the school should punish erring students and enforce suspension, probation or expelling. This will help correct the student’s attitudes and motivate them to graduate accordingly. Lastly, the government must provide moral education seminars and include harsher punishment for habitual lawbreakers among the youth, like incarceration.

From these points, we infer the fact that the future of the children lies in the hands of the adults. Preventing juvenile crimes, therefore, must become a must among all sectors of the society. Failure to do so will make the future bleak and dim for the whole society.


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