Crime is a big problem all over the world, some people believe that we can do nothing to prevent it. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?


As a punishment for criminals passed down generation after generation, imprisonment seems an effective deterrence. However, this is not true in dealing with the problem of soaring crime rate. So some people begin to challenge the existing practice, and suggest that education and job training should be offered to them. Personally, I am in favor of this proposal.

To start with, there is no evidence showing a direct link between the imprisonment of criminals and the decline of crime rate. On the contrary, after being in prison for some time, some criminal recommit the same error, which indicates the failure of the very intention of imprisonment. Secondly, criminals, as human beings, may become very sensitive and self-abased for the prison record, they may even lose the confidence to lead ordinary and law-abiding lives. As a result, they may write themselves off as hopeless and resume the role of wrongdoers again. Last but not least, establishing and running too many prisons is a great financial strain for the government, which is a waste of money as well as human resources.

In contrast, education and job training is a practice embodying humanism. It gives the wrongdoers a chance to the correct their misconduct and turn over a new leaf. This is especially true for those who go astray under some negative influence. By receiving job training, criminals may make a proper living rather than gaining profit in an illegal way. It would not long before the wrongdoers realize that they are still a member of community and they are not discriminated, which helps rebuild their confidence as well as contribute to the society.

In conclusion, sending criminals to prison may serve as a deterrent rather than a solution to the problem, yet education and job training should be effective in the long run.


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